Zbynek Standera established My Dear Clothing in 2013 and today it is one of the most progressive and ‘loudest’ Czech fashion brand. No matter the humble roots at provincial town Pardubice. The brand has a lot to say. MyDear is resonating with young and ‘young-at-heart’ fashionistas with simple but punchy mission – „the idea is to die young as late as possible”. MyDear originated from a community of young artists, particularly tattooists & musicians – today known as Million+ label. And of course – the showroom host tattoo parlor & bar. Surprised?

Co-creator Marek Volf jumped on the bandwagon in 2016 and the rest is history. Boys do not live to work but work to live. And what a life they had! Think of irreverent rascals travelling the world, challenging the norm, old-farts rules and society expectations. Now, as a grown ups, they have thrown MyDear to the center of this pit of never-ending party. Support like-minded misfits proving that you do not have to please all to be successful sounds like a great idea! Their love for timeless design and quality materials blends with support to the locals as they source all materials in the Czech. MyDear aspiration is to show the honesty of real life. Raw, unapologetic, intense. No matter what your background, sexual tribe or gender is -my dear, MyDear is here!